Cheek Implants

Conform Binder Submalar® Facial Implant

Soft and flexible, this patented implant readily adapts to the underlying midfacital area and augments the submalar

Binder Submalar® Facial Implant

Elevates and repostitions the overlying midfacial soft tissue in an anterior and superior postion for more youthful

Binder Submalar® II Facial Implant

Same aesthetic benefit as Binder Submalar®, but designed to fit more inferiorly into the submalar space to provide

Conform Terino Malar Shell®

Augments the volume-deficient midface for a more aesthetic, youthful and balanced look. soft and flexible

Terino Malar Shell®

Broad surface area with fine, non-palpable edges for a smooth transition between the implant and underlying bone

Courtesy of Implantech Associates, Inc – Chin and Cheek Implants

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