Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 06

Question: 30, Caucasian, female, 110lbs, fair skin, what surgery to lengthen top lip?
Answer: Consider performing a Closed rhinoplasty procedure to reduce the overall projection of your nose by shaving down the dorsal hump, reduce the hanging columella and nasal spine which is creating a tension upper lip. A properly performed rhinoplasty improve the look of your upper lip. Digital computer imaging would also be helpful see what your new nose would look like upon your facial features. Choose your rhinoplasty specialist very carefully based on producing natural results.

Question: Can I have rhinoplasty with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome & how to find a surgeon who specializes in this?
Answer: Yes you can have a rhinoplasty procedure with Ehlors-Danlos syndrome. It’s important to look for a rhinoplasty specialist, since rhinoplasty is the most difficult procedure to perform correctly in the in the entire field of cosmetic surgery. In our practice, we have performed Rhinoplasty on several patients with this syndrome and those patients have received an excellent result. Digital computer imaging of your nose upon your facial features would also be helpful to see what can be accomplished with the procedure. 

Question: Columella swollen or botched? Will this go away?
Answer: You have a hanging columella, and will not go away without surgical intervention. Best to wait at least a year to allow full healing before embarking on a revision rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish trimming back the excess cartilage and skin in that area. All incisions are placed on the inside of the nose.

Question: Want to slim down lower face and tighten skin – do I need chin lipo or filler? 
Answer: More information is needed such as a full set of facial photographs from all angles in a chin neutral position. You appear to have fat deposits located both above and below the platysma muscle in the neck which may require a neck lift procedure. Liposuction can only remove the fat deposits above the muscle and will be ineffective. No skin removal is required. 

Question: is like upper part of nose – do I need an osteotomy?
Answer: Yes indeed, you will require both medial and lateral osteotomies placed in the nasal bones in order to narrow the upper two thirds of the nose.

Question: Two different profiles after rhinoplasty – what went wrong and how can it be corrected?
Answer: As long as it’s been at least one year since your primary rhinoplasty, then you can consider undergoing a revision. The residual hump can be shaved down, and that concave upper lateral cartilage on your left side will need to be grafted with your own cartilage. It’s important to know how much cartilage is leftover on the inside of the nose for grafting purposes. Nostril asymmetry is normal to have before and after rhinoplasty surgery.

Question: Rhinoplasty doctor putting me not fully under to go in and scrape away scar tissue? I got a nose job 2 years ago
Answer: You have a mild convexity of your nasal dorsum just above your tip which is called a polybeak. This can be created from thick skin which is treated with steroid shots, or can be caused by residual cartilage which is going to require surgery. We perform all revision rhinoplasty procedures under general anesthesia for patient safety and comfort.

Question: What is the difference between deep-plane and SMAS lower facelifts?
Answer: A deep plane facelift involves dissection in the cheek area in Direct proximity of the facial nerve branches, and has a higher incidence damaging those nerves. A SMAS facelift involves tightening the Facial muscles/fascia safely without seeing the facial nerve branches. Study your prospective surgeon’s before and after facelift photo Gallery, which should be extensive with natural results that you like. In our practice, we do not perform endoscopic brow lift, but perform a coronal approach which can address not only raising the eyebrows, but adjusting asymmetric eyebrows, raising or lowering the hairline, and softening the vertical and horizontal Lines in the forehead as well. A full set of facial photographs from all angles are required to make a determination about how best to proceed with both surgical procedures.

Question: Will a lower facelift correct the loose skin under my chin, and lift the corners of my mouth?
Answer: The goal of a lower face and neck lift is to tighten loose facial and neck skin, tighten loose facial and neck muscles, remove the fat deposits in the neck with liposuction, and lift the jowls. The corners of the mouth are not lifted since you might look unnatural.

Question: How will weight loss affect a patient’s results after chin lipo?
Answer: It’s always best to lose the weight first, and then undergo chin liposuction from the diet resistant fat deposits. You get a better result.

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